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Is Propane an Energy Efficient Fuel?

Propane to heat and power your home appliances is an alternative fuel source that is highly versatile and economical. Not only can propane power your entire Texas home, but it is also clean-burning and non-toxic as deemed by the Environmental Protection Agency. You may be wondering, with propane seeming like such an attractive fuel source, […]

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Propane’s Multipurpose Energy Uses

As a Texas homeowner, you’ve probably wondered whether propane can act as an all-purpose home system power source. You likely know already that propane serves as a stable, secure, and eco-friendly energy resource. But there’s no need to stay in the dark—propane’s multipurpose capability earns it a great reputation in the home heating industry. You’ll […]

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Save Money & Energy in North Texas This Winter

What Greater Dallas homeowner wouldn’t want to save money on home comfort? Cadenhead Servis Gas is here to share some energy-saving tips to help you reduce your winter heating bills this season. We’re in the first official month of winter, and we’re pleased to present these tips to help keep propane costs down and home […]

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