Is Propane an Energy Efficient Fuel?

Propane to heat and power your home appliances is an alternative fuel source that is highly versatile and economical. Not only can propane power your entire Texas home, but it is also clean-burning and non-toxic as deemed by the Environmental Protection Agency. You may be wondering, with propane seeming like such an attractive fuel source, if it is in fact cost effective and more economical than other heating and power sources.

How Does Propane Compare to Alternative Fuels?

Propane vs. Oil

When it comes to fuel choices between propane and oil, propane is both more cost-effective and more efficient than oil, not to mention cleaner. Using a propane furnace to heat your home compared to an oil furnace will produce 30% higher efficiency, meaning more of your heating budget actually goes toward the heat that makes it into your home. Oil furnaces operate at about 60% efficiency while propane furnaces operate at about 90%. In addition, since propane is cleaner burning, its appliances usually have a longer life span, making them a more efficient, long-term choice.

Propane vs. Electric

When compared to its electric counterpart, the national fuel prices from the U.S. Department of Energy show that the cost of propane is more than twice as low as that of electricity. Propane fueled heating is better able to provide more stable temperatures and offer a better efficiency rating than electricity.

Why Choose Propane Power

Propane’s efficiency makes it an optimum choice when it comes to home heating and power. Its versatility allows home and business owners to power a wide range of appliances and even stream power from a single source. With its being 30% less costly than electricity and oil, making the choice to use the eco-friendly fuel seems like the best possible energy solution.

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