Fuel Summer Fun with Propane in Dallas, TX

During the summer months in Dallas, Texas, nothing beats taking total advantage of the beautiful outdoor weather. Summer is the perfect time for Texas barbeques, cookouts, pool parties, and more. Make the most of the summer season by ordering a propane delivery to fuel your summer fun! If you already use propane in your home, then you know how affordable, versatile, and eco-friendly it is. Did you know it has the versatility to power your outdoor appliances, too? Propane is perfect for fueling your outdoor living experience.

At Cadenhead Servis Gas, we’ll deliver your propane promptly so you can get back to enjoying seamless seasonal comfort. Keep reading this post to learn how you can make the most of your outdoor experience during the summer season with propane.

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Fuel Your Outdoor Living Experience With Propane

Host a Texas Barbeque

If there is one thing Dallas Texans are known for, it’s their barbeque! Elevate those bold flavors even more with clean-burning propane and leave the char and mess behind. Save money on propane by getting your propane cylinders refilled, rather than purchasing new ones. And as a bonus, refilling your propane cylinders instead of replacing them will also reduce your carbon footprint.

Throw a Pool Party

Get ready to make a splash! Summer isn’t complete without a floatie and a bathing suit. Propane has the power and versatility to quickly heat your pool or hot tub to the perfect temperature. Just don’t forget your sunscreen and a towel.

Set Up a Fire Pit in the Backyard

Whether you’re roasting marshmallows or singing kumbayas, nothing says summer quite like gathering around a fire. Set up a propane fire pit in your backyard and get all the pleasures of glamping without the smokey residue and ash.

Show off Your Green Thumb

Did you know propane (also known as LPG) can make your gardens flourish? Propane gas powers all types of landscaping equipment, such as lawnmowers, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, and more. Make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood! You might be surprised at how stunning your property can look and how easy lawn maintenance can be with tools that don’t require charging.

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Schedule a Propane Delivery on Your Time

We know your schedule is busy, so for your convenience, we offer an online ordering resource that is available 24/7. Order propane now so you can enjoy your summer to the fullest.