Commercial Propane Delivery in Texas

When running a business, you have enough to worry about—don’t stress about your propane fuel supply or service. Cadenhead Servis Gas has years of experience providing expert commercial propane services to businesses in Texas. When it comes to powering your business, we have you covered with dependable propane delivery and service at a price that won’t break the bank.

We Deliver Propane For:

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Discover the Environmental Benefits of Propane

Propane is a low carbon, versatile, and safe fuel that is readily available and abundant here in North Texas. Learn more about the environmental benefits of propane now!


Benefits of Ordering Propane from Cadenhead Servis Gas

Propane Is Affordable

Propane’s affordability makes it attractive to business owners who are in charge of making sure the company budget stays on track. Why pay more for fuel than you have to? With us, you’ll always pay a fair price for an excellent fuel.

Propane Is Versatile

Propane can take care of every part of powering your business—it can fuel your heat, hot water, space heaters, lawn care equipment, forklifts, standby backup generators, stoves, and even lighting. Propane can do it all, with no need for additional power sources.

Propane Is Made in Texas

Purchasing Texas-made propane instead of foreign oil imports supports the local economy, helping businesses and employees to flourish. Your customers will appreciate your locality as well, since they live and work in the Lone Star State.

Propane Supports Local Jobs

Along with supporting the economy, purchasing Texas-made propane for your business provides delivery, service, and management jobs for your friends and neighbors. Click here to place a commercial propane request at a great price.