Texas Propane Forklift Cylinder Exchange

Do you use propane forklifts in your Texas commercial business? If so, you know the outstanding value they produce. Affordable propane fuel and convenient cylinder exchange means there’s no hassle when it comes to getting the job done. Unlike electric forklifts, there’s no need to sit around while your forklifts are charging. Sign up for our customizable forklift propane cylinder exchange to have full containers of gas delivered whenever you need them.

Propane is convenient, affordable, and kind to the planet by producing fewer emissions than competing fuels. Liquefied petroleum gas, or propane, currently powers 670,000 forklifts in US factories and warehouses. It’s not a wonder it’s so popular when you consider its eco-friendliness, fair pricing, accessibility, and operational advantages.

Anyone can deliver propane, we deliver Servis.


Forklift Cylinder Exchange

How Does the Forklift Cylinder Exchange Work?

Great question! Our unique program for forklift propane cylinder exchange provides you and your business with a daily, weekly or monthly delivery service designed to fit your needs. Cadenhead Servis Gas can offer your organization competitive, fair propane pricing on a regular basis. The best part? The aluminum cylinders themselves are furnished at no charge to you, our valued customer. Simply pay our low propane gas prices, and you’ll be on your way to better commercial efficiency and an unmatched ROI.

Our forklift propane exchange provides the following:

  1. 24-hour safety contacts for you
  2. Safety inspection of each tank upon fill
  3. Lightweight, all-aluminum cylinders furnished at no charge
  4. Accurate filling with consistent automatic weight and shutdown
  5. No on-site filling to avoid risk of leaks on customer property
  6. High-quality propane from local gas processing plants
  7. CGX-4 additive for improved propane performance
  8. Cylinder transportation with our own trucking
  9. Sturdy galvanized cylinder storage cages


Safety Training Services for Propane Forklift Cylinder Handling

We are committed to keeping you and your employees safe. Cadenhead Servis Gas is happy to provide and conduct safety training for your employees in the proper handling of propane forklift cylinders.


Considering Purchasing Propane Forklifts?

We recommend propane forklifts to every commercial customer for a variety of reasons. All in all, they provide better efficiency to you, so you can get back to running your business.

Propane forklifts offer the following benefits:

  • Produce 19% fewer emissions than gasoline
  • Produce 7% fewer emissions than diesel
  • Meet 2007 Environmental Protection Agency standards
  • Maintain consistent, total power throughout operation
  • Faster ground speeds than electric forklifts
  • Refuel quickly, in less time than it takes to switch or charge a battery

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