Commercial Propane Homebuilding

How can you accommodate a Texas homeowner’s desire for the safety and affordability of gas when natural gas lines aren’t available? Do what more and more builders and homebuyers across the country are doing—build and renovate with propane gas. Cadenhead Servis Gas is proud to deliver today’s homebuyers all the benefits of natural gas and a greener choice beyond oil and electric: propane.


Benefits of Building with Propane:

  • Reliable fueling
  • Unwavering power
  • Better financial savings
  • Fewer emissions than competing fuels
  • Deluxe appliance options for homebuyers


We Get the Job Done Right Every Time

We do more than install tanks and deliver propane gas to your building site: we build relationships. Our team of certified and experienced technicians is the backbone of our commitment to customer service. That means we will be there wherever you need us, with priority scheduling and installation, personalized service, temporary heat services, and centralized tank systems. You’ll have greater control over the installation and reassurance that your commercial building job will be completed on schedule.

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New Construction Propane Services in Greater Dallas, TX

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