Why Texas Business Owners Choose Propane-Fueled Forklifts

Running a commercial business in the Greater Dallas area requires many business owners to face a difficult decision: which fuel choice will lend the biggest advantage? If you use forklifts at your Texas company, how you use your equipment will determine the decision you make. While there are a lot of misconceptions around propane forklifts, we’re here to help you get the facts, so you can make the best decision for your business.

Why Propane Is the Best Fuel for Forklifts

  • Propane forklifts are a better, low-emissions choice:

    Propane forklifts produce significantly fewer emissions when compared to gasoline and diesel, which is why propane forklifts are suitable for use indoors[1]. Even though electric forklifts emit zero emissions at the site of use, it’s also important to consider the total emissions from electricity generation and battery manufacturing processes. Propane, which is primarily produced as a by-product of natural gas refining, emits minimal emissions in creating forklift propane, compared to electricity.

  • Propane forklifts are more versatile when compared to their counterparts:

    Since 68% of forklift users utilize their fleet both indoors and outdoors, propane forklifts provide a clear advantage[2]. Propane forklifts meet or exceed the nationwide indoor air quality standards and are available in up to 15,000 lb. applications. This means that propane forklifts can meet the requirements of the fleet, except for the most extreme applications.

  • Propane forklifts save end-users the most money on initial equipment costs and on fuel purchases:

    Propane forklifts cost less to purchase and maintain compared to diesel, gasoline, and electric forklifts[3]. Forklift propane fleets can also save $1 or more per gallon of fuel compared to gasoline or diesel since bulk users of propane often receive a much lower propane cost as a result of the lower cost per gallon of bulk deliveries. Plus, propane racks, cylinders, or dispenser tanks are often provided to the forklift propane end-user at no cost. Visit propane.com for more facts and information about propane forklift fueling.

Enroll in Our Forklift Exchange Program

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