Propane’s Multipurpose Energy Uses

As a Texas homeowner, you’ve probably wondered whether propane can act as an all-purpose home system power source. You likely know already that propane serves as a stable, secure, and eco-friendly energy resource. But there’s no need to stay in the dark—propane’s multipurpose capability earns it a great reputation in the home heating industry. You’ll find that propane saves you money while providing efficient and environmentally sound energy. We at Cadenhead Servis Gas would like to inform you about the many daily life uses for propane.

Common Propane Uses for Texans

Powering up Your Cooking Equipment

Many households throughout Texas prefer propane over other energy sources for kitchen appliance heating. We strongly recommend you switch over to propane, too. Expect faster and more accurate cooking equipment heating when relying on propane.

Heating up Your Home’s Water Source

Whether or not you use a water storage tank, propane provides clean, efficient, and reliable heating. You’ll never feel the need to turn to electrical heating again when you’ve switched over to propane.

Keeping Your Laundry Machines Energized

Perhaps you’ve found that your current heating source powers your laundry system with less than ideal efficiency. Propane provides an outstanding alternative–your washing machine water will warm up evenly and reliably. Additionally, you’ll never again worry about your dryer’s aggressiveness. Propane’s efficiency means a calmer drying experience.

Providing Energy for Your Stove, Fireplace, or Radiator

Propane offers further benefits for homeowners on a budget. If you depend on secondary heating sources to get you through the winter—sources like fireplaces, stoves, and heaters—you likely feel misgivings about the inconvenience, cost, and ecological impact of electricity and wood burning. Propane solves this problem by serving as a safe, dependable, economical, and eco-friendly power source.

Using Propane for Outdoor Lighting and Activities

Propane fits the bill perfectly for those seeking a reputable power source for outdoor lighting and activities. Whether you’d like a cleaner and safer grilling experience or need an efficient energy source for your lawn appliances or hot tub, propane will satisfy your needs.

Maintaining an Emergency Backup Power Source

Regardless of the season, inclement weather always concerns Texas residents. If you use a generator, consider switching to one powered by propane. You’ll reduce your anxiety over rough weather when you rely on this affordable and clean energy source for your generator.

Cadenhead Servis Gas Proudly Delivers Propane

We at Cadenhead Servis Gas cannot endorse propane as a multipurpose heating source enough. Our experts will deliver propane to you promptly and at an affordable price. Consider enrolling in our automatic propane delivery service. Let us track your propane use and the weather, delivering when the time’s right so you can focus on other important things. We also offer a manual ordering option if that’s your preference—don’t forget to track your tank gauge and request delivery when your tank dips to 30%. Please contact us by phone or email if you have any questions. We’re happy to serve.