Automatic Propane Delivery in Texas

Ever check your propane gauge and find that your tank is lower on fuel than it ought to be? Running out of fuel is a serious and dangerous risk that no one wants to take! That’s why at Cadenhead, we’re proud to offer residential automatic propane delivery. Propane auto-delivery is a convenient service for any property, and this reliable source of delivery will help you keep your home up and running, nice and cozy on the coldest days of winter.

How Does Automatic Propane Delivery Work?

When you enroll in automatic residential propane delivery, you can worry about checking your fuel gauge less because we’ll deliver propane when you need it. We’ll use your propane usage history along with an advanced tracking system to determine when your next propane delivery should be. As soon as your propane tank starts to get low, we’ll schedule a delivery for you and let you know we were there. You’ll never have to worry about having more or less propane than you need because we deliver only when you need it and only how much you need.

What Are the Benefits of Automatic Propane Delivery?

Our customers love our residential automatic propane delivery because it takes a major must-do off their home comfort checklist. Enrolling in auto-delivery for your Texas home comes with plenty of benefits!

  • Total convenience
  • Reduced risk of a propane runout
  • One less thing on your to-do list
  • Efficient fills help you save on energy bills
  • Complete peace of mind

Enrolling is Easy

If you’re ready to knock one more task off your to-do list for good, and you think automatic propane delivery would be right for you home, all you have to do is contact us. We’ll set you up on a reliable delivery schedule and deliver fuel when you need it.


propane auto-delivery for residential customers