How Does Propane Tank Monitoring Work?

In the past, propane tank monitoring has been a chore for homeowners in the Greater Dallas, Texas area. After all, remembering to visit your propane storage tank every so often can easily slip from your mind and even lead to you running out of fuel unexpectedly. Luckily, Cadenhead Servis Gas has a solution to your propane concerns: our innovative propane tank monitoring technology! Keep reading to learn exactly how this service works and how you can request a propane monitor for your Texas home today.

An Easier Way to Track Your Propane Usage in Texas

There’s no need to go outside to your propane tank to check your fuel level—that’s right, we’ve found an easier way! We’ve begun offering propane tank monitors, which are small devices that sit on your tank and transmit your remaining fuel level to your smartphone or computer. You can even set customized tank level alerts and order propane through the app when you start to get low.

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Benefits of Propane Tank Monitoring in the Greater Dallas Area

Propane tank monitors make checking and managing your fuel levels easier than ever before. Through our tank monitoring service, you can:

  1. Check your propane fuel levels right from your smartphone
  2. Stop going outside to visit your propane tank to check the gauge
  3. Monitor your fuel usage and place propane orders from your phone
  4. Get fuel alerts and contact Cadenhead through the monitoring app

How Our Propane Tank Monitors Work

Our propane tank monitoring system is simple! When you request a monitor from Cadenhead Servis Gas, we will attach it to your propane storage container which connects to your smartphone and our database, helping us and you keep track of your propane. You can check your fuel levels at any time by using the Nee-Vo tank monitoring app.

Here’s How the App Works

After you get your propane tank monitor, download the Nee-Vo app to view your propane tank’s fuel levels whenever you want. Simply download the app and check it periodically to determine your fuel levels when convenient for you! Plus, through the app, you will be able to determine your fuel usage for the past three months, get customizable alerts when your tank levels reach certain points, contact Cadenhead Servis Gas to request a propane refill, monitor and manage multiple tanks from one account, as we as share data access with up to two additional family members.

You can download the app today from the App Store or Google Play Store.

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Request Your New Propane Tank Monitor Today

Don’t wait to start your new, convenient fuel monitoring routine! If you are interested in receiving a propane tank monitor, please contact us here to get yours, and skip the trek out to your propane tank from now on! Interested in an even easier way to get more efficient fill-ups for your propane tank? We can take monitoring your propane tank gauge off your hands when you enroll in automatic delivery. When you enroll in our automatic delivery program for propane, we’ll track your usage for you and deliver propane only when you need it.