How to Tip: Check Your Propane Tank Level

With the heating season getting underway soon here in Texas, you’ll be needing to place more frequent propane deliveries than you did over spring and summer, which means you’ll have to keep an eye on your propane tank fuel level. If you’re new to owning a propane tank, and you’re not sure how to monitor your fuel levels, keep reading to find out.

What You Need to Know About Propane Tank Monitoring in TX:

Checking Your Propane Tank Gauge

Head out to your tank, and look for the glass or plastic cylinder on the top. Move away dirt and debris from its head. That is your tank gauge, and you’ll monitor your propane fuel level by checking your tank gauge. The gauge is divided by percentages. When the dial on the propane tank gauge reaches 30%, that’s when it’s time for you to place your next propane delivery order. It means you have 30% left in your tank. You should check your tank gauge frequently to monitor your propane tank level if you are a will-call customer.

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Sign Up for a Propane Tank Monitor

If you don’t want to make the trip to your propane tank all the time, there is another option! You can sign up for a propane tank monitor from Cadenhead Servis Gas. A tank monitor will alert you when your propane level is getting low, and your tank is ready for a refill. Plus, you can always check your tank level from any smart device or computer, adding a touch of true convenience. Never have to worry about walking to your propane gas tank again on a blistering cold day. You can stay in and stay cozy.

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Enroll in Automatic Propane Delivery in North Texas

Another option is enrolling in automatic propane delivery. When you enroll in automatic delivery, we take monitoring your fuel tank levels and scheduling deliveries off your hands; you don’t even have to be home! Automatic propane delivery is free for our valued customers.

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Make Getting Your Propane Fuel Easy with Cadenhead Servis Gas

The most important thing to do is get comfortable with checking your propane tank gauge and having an idea of when you need to request your next propane delivery: 30%. At Cadenhead, we want to make getting your propane fuel supply easy, so if you’d like to sign up for a tank monitor, enroll in automatic propane delivery, or place your next propane order, get in touch with us!