3 Ways to Remember to Order Propane Gas for Your TX Home

The weather’s really cooling down, and many North Texas residents are spending more time at home this year because of remote working or learning. That means it’s more important than ever to remember to check your North Texas propane gas tank and place a propane delivery request when it starts to get low.

Do you ever have a hard time remembering to check your gas storage container’s gauge , or place a propane delivery request when you need one? Cadenhead Servis Gas has three helpful tips to aid your memory and help you get the North Texas will-call propane deliveries you need.

1. Set a Weekly Reminder on Your Phone

If you have Siri or Google Assistant enabled on your phone, you can ask them to remind you every Saturday (or a day of your choice) to check your propane gas tank. This will reduce your risk of forgetting to check your propane tank’s current gas level.

2. Ask Us about a Propane Tank Monitor

Did you know we can install a propane tank monitor on your gas storage container? This monitor will help keep us and you in the loop about your propane tank levels, and it even connects to a smartphone app, so you can check levels from anywhere.

3. Enroll in Automatic Propane Delivery

During the winter months, make the most of your heating fuel budget. Automatic delivery service means more efficient fill-ups, which will translate into more effective fuel use and manageable propane costs. Our effective usage tracking and custom delivery schedule are built for customer convenience. Besides, running out of propane heating fuel can cause unnecessary safety risks. Automatic gas delivery customers reduce the likelihood of a no-fuel emergency.

Remembering to Order Propane in North Texas Is Crucial This Year

Did you find the above suggestions helpful? Our goal is keeping your home warm and safe—with virtual learning and/or remote learning, it’s more important than ever to keep an eye on your propane tank levels to avoid runouts. Click here to get in touch with the Cadenhead Servis Gas team to ask about one of the above suggestions!