Is Your Propane Tank Ready for Spring?

Spring is right around the corner, and we have mostly made it through the long, cold winter here in North Texas. Is your tank ready for the warmer seasons? A lot of people think taking care of their propane tanks means only prepping for the cold seasons and heavy snowfall, but there are things to do to prepare for the spring and summer. That’s right, and in fact, regular maintenance all year long is the best way to prevent problems down the road that would require expensive repairs. Keep reading to see what you need to do to prep your tank for spring.



Top Ways to Prepare Your Propane Tank for Spring in North Texas

Follow this checklist to be sure you’re ready for warmer Texas weather when it comes to your propane fuel supply.

Check for Rust on the Propane Tank

After a cold, wet winter, it’s best to make sure that your propane tank doesn’t have any rust on it. Rust can cause serious damage if not taken care of right away. If you find rust, it’s important to remove it as soon as possible. This will prevent any propane leaks or the possibility of water contaminating your propane supply.

Clean up around Your Propane Tank

In order to get your tank filled as quickly and efficiently as possible, it’s important to clean up around your propane tank. Make sure your tank is clean from debris that could cause obstacles getting to it. This means removing dirt, leaves, and other things that would keep it from being accessible, like poison ivy, wasp nests, and branches.

Get Your Propane Tank Filled

Make sure to get your propane tank filled before spring starts. We still may have some cold days, but you also want to have your tank filled to power the rest of your home, depending on what you use propane for. As long as your tank is in good working condition, propane can be stored all summer long and used for the winter when it comes back around.

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We hope you’re as ready for spring and warmer weather as we are. And when it’s time to get your tank filled, you can easily order propane online from Cadenhead Servis Gas. We are North Texas’s premier propane supplier. We offer residential propane delivery, propane tank monitoring, tank installations, payment plans, commercial propane delivery, forklift cylinder exchange, and more. If you have any questions about preparing for summer and spring, we are here to help. Contact us today.