Get Ready for Fall with These Tips on Propane Home Maintenance

Fall is in full swing, and winter will be here before you know it! Have you taken steps to get your home comfort and home heating ready for the cold? When you’re a propane user in Texas, there are a few things you can do to make things go by smoothly. Keep reading for tips on how to manage your propane deliveries over the fall and winter.

Top 5 Tips for a Low-Stress Heating Season

1. Place a Fall Propane Delivery Request

If it’s time for a refill, be sure to place your delivery request early before the season really kicks off. Making sure your tank is full before you have to turn on your heat will ensure that you have an adequate supply of fuel and prevent any major malfunctions such as running completely out of gas.

2. Sign Up for Automatic Delivery

We suggest signing up for automatic delivery and letting us handle your scheduling and deliveries for you! Automatic delivery is available at no cost to you, and we take the pain of scheduling, ordering, and having to be home off your to-do list, so you can relax, and rest assured that your propane fuel supply is good to go.

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3. Get a Propane Tank Monitor

If you’re a customer who prefers to stay on will-call delivery, then you should definitely get a propane tank monitor. These handy devices check your fuel level for you, so you can access it directly from a smart device or computer. Forget worrying about having to walk to your tank on the ultra-cold days when you can stay in and stay cozy. Get automatic updates about when your fuel level is low and if there is any drastic change in your propane usage.

4. Sign Up for a Propane Payment Plan

Tired of high winter heating bills? Beat them this year by signing up for a payment plan! We have an option to fit every home budget plan whether you want to divide your payments over the months of the year, prepay, or price cap, we have something that will work for everyone.

5. Check on Your Propane Tank:

Go to your propane tank to check its condition. Make sure it looks in good shape and be sure to give us a call if you’re unsure about its condition. We can come and take a look. Finally, clear away leaves and debris around your tank and on the path to your tank. And if we get any snow, make sure to shovel a path to your tank.

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Place an Order with Cadenhead Servis Gas Today!

At Cadenhead, we want to help you make the most of the heating season this year! That means getting you the propane you need when you need it. Be sure to follow these tips for a low-stress fall and winter season. Place an order online when you’re ready for your next delivery.