Top 5 Winter Energy-Saving Tips for Homes in TX

What are your goals for 2021? If you’re like most homeowners in North Texas, you’re focused on saving more money and using less energy. The good news is, these goals can be achieved together with some easy modifications to your home and daily routine. Check out this list of simple ways to save energy during the winter that will help to keep your heating bills down and your energy use in check. Read on to find out how people in North Texas are saving energy this season.

5 Simple Ways to Lower Your Energy Use & Winter Heating Bills

1. Get a programmable thermostat

If you don’t already have a programmable thermostat, get one! Programmable thermostats allow you to automatically set your home’s temperature to drop when you’re asleep or away from the house. It’s an affordable investment that can help save big on energy and propane costs for years down the road. Plus, new models come with Wi-Fi capabilities!

2. Use ceiling fans to your advantage

If your heating system is on, run your ceiling fan clockwise to push the rising hot air back down to your living space. This will help keep your home’s temperature steady so your system doesn’t have to kick on as frequently.

3. Seal any drafts or air leaks

Remember when your parents said, “Close the door, we’re not paying to heat the neighborhood!” The same idea applies here. Check windows and doors for any drafts or air leaks. Seal them up so that you aren’t letting precious heat escape outside. This will pay off later on in the year when you switch on your A/C, too.

4. Leave the oven cracked after cooking

Unless you have little ones or curious pets around the house, you can leave the oven door cracked after you finish cooking or baking. Make sure your oven is switched off, then let out the excess heat as it cools down to cycle into your home.

5. Consider an upgrade

If your propane gas furnace is approaching 15 years old, you can save big on annual heating bills by switching to a new high-efficiency heating system. New equipment will use your propane more efficiently and make the supply in your propane tank really go the distance.

Save Money on Energy in North Texas with Cadenhead Servis Gas

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