5 Spring Propane Uses for Texas Homeowners

If you’re a residential propane user here in the Lone Star State, keep in mind that this fuel packs a year-round punch! Spring is a great time to prepare your home and property for a fun summer ahead, and propane is always going to be there to power your recreational activities. Make your backyard the place to be this summer with amenities fueled by propane. Take advantage of the perks of propane this summer with outdoor living appliances like:

1. Propane Generators

A generator will not only give you peace of mind when the lights go out, but it can also prevent damage, food spoilage, lack of hot water, and other comfort-inhibiting factors.

2. Fire Pits

Everyone loves a good s’more! Fire pits are another great way to warm up your space and add an extra element for entertainment. With a propane-powered fire pit, you can enjoy the perks of a campfire safely right in your own backyard.

3. Outdoor Kitchens & Grills

A summer staple, gas grills are an affordable way to dine outdoors. Aside from the clear appeal of delicious barbecued food, grilling also helps lower indoor energy bills. You can also take your home cooking to the next level with an entire outdoor kitchen.

4. Patio Space Heaters

Don’t let a chilly breeze stop your outdoor fun. Patio space heaters are a cost-effective way to extend your summer into the spring and fall, keeping your outdoor living space comfortable even during the transitional seasons.

5. Pool Heaters

Make the most of your pool this season. With a propane-fired heater, you can keep waters at the perfect temperature. Not only will a propane pool heater improve water temps—a high-efficiency system can significantly reduce energy use and costs.

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