What Type of Propane Payment Plan Is Right for Me?

Do you use propane to heat your North Texas home or power your appliances? Then you already know that propane is a safe, reliable, and versatile fuel choice, but sometimes it can be difficult to fit the cost of the fuel you need into your household budget. That’s why we at Cadenhead Servis Gas are pleased to offer a variety of propane payment plans to fit your unique needs. Keep reading this blog post to learn about the different propane payment plans we offer and discover which one is right for you!

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What Kinds of Propane Payment Plans Are Available?

The team at Cadenhead Servis Gas proudly offers three different types of propane payment plans to help you simply and easily budget the cost of your fuel. Our payment plans are available to all customers, and there are no enrollment fees. These payment plans are:

Level Payment Plan

Our Level Payment Plan allows you to pay monthly for your yearly propane supply, rather than paying a large bill per delivery. Here’s how it works:

  1. We estimate your annual propane usage
  2. Your total cost is divided by 12
  3. One low, predictable installment is billed each month

Pre-Buy Plan

When you choose our Pre-Buy Plan, you purchase your yearly propane supply during the off-season, which typically saves you money on each gallon of propane you order. Here’s how it works:

  1. Buy all your residential Texas propane for the winter months ahead of time
  2. We will store your fuel and make deliveries as needed throughout the winter season

Comfort Plus Price-Cap

Last but certainly not least is our Comfort Plus Price-Cap, which gives you the best possible price for your fuel. Here’s how it works:

  1. You choose a predetermined cap on the rate you pay
  2. Never pay more than your propane price cap
  3. If the price of propane drops, you pay the lower rate

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Want to Enroll in a Propane Payment Plan? Contact Cadenhead Servis Gas Now!

At Cadenhead Servis Gas, we’re proud to be the North Texas region’s choice for reliable, professional delivery of propane gas. In addition to our delivery and service plan options, we offer propane tank monitoring, residential and commercial tank installation, and more. If you’d like to sign up for a propane payment plan, all you need to do is contact our office today on our website or by calling us at (972) 771-8654. We can’t wait to serve you!