What Size Propane Tank Should I Get in Texas?

When it comes to reliable energy and power in Texas, propane is a no-brainer. It’s clean, powerful, abundant, and homemade right here in our state. But how does a homeowner or business owner in the Lone Star State make a decision on what size of propane tank to get? Whether you’re adding a new propane storage container to your residential or commercial property or overhauling your current system with a fresh new replacement, Cadenhead Servis Gas is here to help. Keep reading this blog to learn some key factors in determining the size of propane storage container you should purchase for your property.

Is Your Property Residential or Commercial?

Propane powers a variety of commercial and residential equipment, including agricultural crop dryers, home heating, bus fleets, clothes dryers, pool heaters, cookstoves, water heaters, generators, and more. Commercial users often use more propane than residential properties, so you can start to narrow down your propane tank selection depending on how much propane you anticipate using.

How Many Propane Appliances Do You Have?

Do you use propane to heat your property? Your water? Power your company’s forklifts? It’s important to consider the number of propane appliances you expect to fuel with your gas storage container. The more appliances you have, the higher storage capacity you will need. Also keep in mind the age of your systems—older systems often burn gas less efficiently, meaning you may need more fuel than you would to power brand-new, high-efficiency equipment.

How Quickly Do You Go through Propane Gas?

Consider how quickly you go through propane when contemplating the size of a propane tank you’ll need next. If you found yourself having to order propane frequently, you may want to size up in a propane storage container this time around to save yourself some time with more efficient fill-ups.

Request a Free Consultation from Cadenhead Servis Gas

The question “What size propane tank should I get?” has many answers depending on your unique situation. Cadenhead Servis Gas’s propane consultants would be more than happy to speak with you and make a personalized recommendation when it comes to the size of your next residential or commercial propane storage tank installation. If you decide to move forward with the installation, we can help with that too. Give us a call today at (972) 771-8654 to speak to a propane expert—no strings attached!