Why Your Greater Dallas Business Should Use Propane for Forklift Cylinder Exchange

If you’re looking for a locally owned propane company to do business with, look no further than Cadenhead Servis Gas. Many residential and commercial Greater Dallas, TX builders rely on Cadenhead Servis Gas for dependable and affordable propane services. Does your business need a reliable propane cylinder exchange program for forklift refueling? At Cadenhead, one of our most popular services is our propane cylinder exchange program for forklift refueling. Keep on reading to learn why your business should use propane for its forklifts.

The Benefits of Using Propane for Your Forklift Cylinder Exchange

It’s no surprise that propane fuels more than 670,000 forklifts in the United States alone. As a tried-and-true method for transporting goods without doing all the heavy lifting manually, propane forklifts excel gasoline and diesel forklifts by reducing emissions by 19% and 7%, respectively. Next to producing fewer greenhouse gases, propane forklifts meet the 2007 EPA clean air standards. This means you can be proud of the fuel you use. Plus, being clean and green aren’t the only benefits of using propane to fuel your company’s forklifts! Propane is excellent in maintaining consistent power throughout operation, allowing you to refuel instantly rather than waiting for a battery to die slowly and then having to recharge. Additionally, Texas propane provides support for the local economy and your friends and neighbors. Most propane production happens here in the great state of Texas, and all of our techs and delivery drivers live here, too.

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Our Forklift Cylinder Exchange Program

With our cylinder exchange program, builders like you can get a daily, weekly, or monthly delivery and exchange of propane cylinders, based on your fueling needs. We’ll offer your organization competitive pricing and on-time exchange. Get in touch to enroll in our exchange program today!