Improve Your North Texas Home’s Energy Efficiency & Reduce Spending

Are you looking to reduce your home or business’s energy usage, carbon footprint, and home comfort bills in 2020? Our community is taking strides toward a greener Texas, and part of that means finding eco-friendly alternatives to old habits and systems. We’ve compiled a list of methods you can use to reduce your spending and energy usage in the upcoming year, giving you more financial freedom.

How to Make Your North Texas Home More Energy Efficient:

Upgrade to High-Efficiency Heating Equipment

Switching a high-energy to a high-efficiency propane furnace, boiler, or water heater can significantly reduce your home’s fuel and energy usage each year. Some customers notice as much as 30% energy reduction when they upgrade from an old system to a modern one.

Watch Your Water Heater

Speaking of your water heater, ensure that the temperature isn’t set higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. There’s no need for it to be set at a higher temperature, and you’ll waste propane gas and energy instead of getting hotter water.

Wash or Rinse Clothes in Cold Water

Washing or rinsing your laundry in cold water will reduce the amount of propane needed to heat the water, and has even been known to help clothing colors stay vibrant for longer. Give it a shot today and see if you notice a difference in your propane fuel bills.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Being able to reduce or raise your heat automatically is a game changer in energy efficiency. Set your thermostat to change when you’re asleep or out of the house—you won’t even notice a difference in comfort, but your energy bills will instantly shrink.

Order Propane Gas Delivery Regularly

Letting your propane tank run out is a surefire way to reduce your energy efficiency! Empty tanks require certain tests and processes to get you back up and running. Simplify the process by ordering propane gas by the time your tank reaches 1/3 capacity, so you have the fuel you need until your delivery arrives.

Take Advantage of Ceiling Fans

Many Texas homeowners and business owners don’t know that a major purpose of ceiling fans is to distribute your heat or cool air around your building. Run fans on a slow speed to push your conditioned air around your space, giving you better comfort with less energy expenditure.

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