How to Fix a North Texas Furnace That Has Stopped Working

Are you experiencing a no-heat situation in your North Texas residential or commercial property? It’s okay—don’t worry. Cadenhead Servis Gas has some suggestions that you can use to get your furnace up and running again without having to call an HVAC technician to repair your equipment. We’re in the midst of the cold season here in Texas, so give these suggestions a try and see if they will jump-start your furnace so it’s back up and running.

3 Ways to Restore Heat in Your North Texas Home This Winter

1. Ensure that your thermostat settings are correct and the batteries are fresh.

Keep in mind that your furnace’s thermostat will need to be set above the current temperature in your home and on the “heat” or “auto” setting instead of the “cool” setting.

2. Check that no breakers are tripped and all emergency switches are on.

Turn your furnace breaker off and back on, then check that all red emergency switches are in the on position. In a dark basement, these can sometimes be mistaken for light switches.

3. Verify that you have enough propane gas by checking your propane storage tank gauge.

Check your propane storage container’s gauge and ensure that there is still gas remaining in the tank. If not, you can always order a refill from Cadenhead’s propane delivery team.

Protect Your Home from Future No-Heat Emergencies

It’s a good idea to schedule regular maintenance for your furnace with a local HVAC provider. Routine cleanings can catch small issues before they turn into large problems. Besides, with an HVAC provider on call, you can have them repair any furnace malfunctions that can’t be remedied by using the suggestions listed above.

Need to Order a Propane Gas Refill? Cadenhead Servis Gas Can Help!

Contact Cadenhead Servis Gas! We would be more than happy to fulfill your residential propane delivery request. Our affordable propane fuel delivery and experienced team of drivers is sure to meet and exceed your Texas propane delivery expectations. Contact us online for more information, or give our office a call at (972) 771-8654.