Propane Forklifts: Affordable, Reliable, Powerful

If you’ve ever used an electric or diesel forklift before, we’re willing to bet you’ve noticed the drawbacks. Dying batteries, smelly fumes, harmful emissions, and noisy operation are just a few of the gripes we hear from many of the commercial operations in North Texas who opt to switch to a propane forklift fleet[1]. Want a break from all that? Cadenhead Servis Gas can unlock the value of propane forklifts—enjoy increased affordability, cleaner operation, and ultimate convenience through simple and easy refueling.

Contact us to inquire about forklift cylinder exchange services! We look forward to helping your business benefit from the convenience and affordability of our forklift cylinder exchange program.


Propane Powered Forklift in North Texas

Compared to Electric Forklifts…

  • Cylinders last 3x longer than batteries
  • Capital costs are nearly 30% less
  • 76% reduction in SOx emissions

Compared to Diesel Forklifts…

  • 94% reduction in NOx and hydrocarbon emissions
  • Forklift lifespan is not affected by the amount of fuel remaining

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Why Cadenhead Servis Gas?

  • Convenient exchange program keeps operations running
  • Affordability you won’t experience with fuels produced outside of TX
  • 24/7 safety consulting for propane-related needs
  • Lightweight aluminum cylinders furnished at no cost to you
  • Safety inspection of cylinders during every fill
  • Sturdy galvanized steel cylinder storage racks
  • No filling at your location removes risk of an on-site spill
  • On-time delivery of the propane forklift cylinders you need




“Our business, Performance Powder Works, has been with Cadenhead Servis Gas since July 2018 and we’re very pleased with their service they offer. We’re set up on an automatic refill for our large tank and also for the forklift tanks which has worked out beautifully. This is one less thing for us to worry about so we can focus on our customers. Good customer service!”

– Camie C.