3 Tips for Propane Safety Month

Did you know that June is National Propane Safety Month? Here at Cadenhead Servis Gas we practice propane safety 24/7/365, but in the spirit of the occasion we’d like to take the opportunity to share some extra safety tips with you. Follow this guide to make sure that you’re using propane in your home or business as safely as possible.

Top Tips for Propane Safety in North Texas

Tip #1: Get to know your propane tank.

If you use propane to power appliances in your home or business, it is important to understand the basics about your tank! Visit your propane tank and give it a once over. Find the tank gauge and read it to find out how much fuel you have. Propane tank gauges can be read like the gas meter on your car. Also, it is a good idea to take note of where the shut-off valve is, just in case you need to access it in the event of an emergency. Click here to watch a quick video about how to read your propane tank gauge.

Tip #2: Keep an eye on your propane tank level all year long.

Though you probably use more propane during the colder months, it is important to regularly check your fuel level in every season. Running out of propane gas is an unnecessary safety risk that can cause damage to your equipment and property. If you order propane on a will-call basis, we recommend that you order fuel before your tank reads 20% full. If you’d prefer not to check your tank regularly, consider adding a propane tank monitor. When you have a tank monitor, your propane company can track your LPG levels and you can check them from your smartphone.

Tip #3: Know what to do if you smell propane gas.

Make sure your family or company has an emergency plan in place in the event of a propane leak. If you smell propane in your home or business, follow these steps:

  1. Extinguish any open flames. Do not turn any devices on or off. This includes light switches, phones, computers, flashlights, or appliances.
  2. Alert all inhabitants and inform them to leave the home or commercial building immediately.
  3. Do not try to find the source of the leak.
  4. Be prepared to identify your location and whether the smell is inside or outside of the building.
  5. Call your local propane provider from the closest building landline or from your cell phone away from the leak site. If you cannot get in touch with a Cadenhead Servis Gas representative, call 911 or your local fire department immediately.
  6. Do not return to the building until a qualified technician says it is safe to do so.

Local Propane Experts in North Texas

Cadenhead Servis Gas is proud to be one of the leading propane providers in North Texas. We offer residential propane solutions, like propane delivery, propane payment plans, and propane tank installations. We support local businesses with reliable commercial propane delivery, forklift cylinder exchange, builder resources, and more. Our team of propane service technicians and propane delivery drivers is highly trained and experienced. We uphold the highest standards of propane safety, training, and compliance in order to serve our customers safely. Contact us to learn more about our propane services or give us a call at (972) 771-8654.