We deliver more than the power of clean-burning Cadenhead Servis Gas to our Customers. We deliver the power of choice with a host of service options to satisfy a variety of propane needs. So, whether you are a building a new home or retro-fitting your home to start taking advantage of savings propane can provide your utility bills, Servis Gas has you covered with a portfolio of services that fit your lifestyle and your budget.

When choosing a propane supplier, you want the right partner. Our certified Propane Professionals live in the same communities they serve, so they understand the needs that you have as a home propane user: convenience, flexibility, and reliability.

  • Convenience: Online bill payment, Order Gas Online

  • Flexibility: Propane payment options to fit your needs, your choice of service level

  • Reliability: Our extensive delivery fleet network ensures that you will have propane delivered when you need it

Will Call Service:

Will call service means just that. You call us when your tank gauge reading is between 20-30%. This service requires 72 hours notice prior to your delivery extra charges if you run out of gas.

If you ever run out of gas, we must perform a special safety test before placing the system back in service. An additional charge will apply for this important precaution.

Automatic Fill Service:

At Cadenhead Servis Gas we believe our customers deserve the peace of mind that comes with prompt, dependable service.  This service is to help you watch your tank level—Free to customers with approved credit.

Auto Fill is about accurately delivering propane based on a degree day system. This is based on temperature and usge and tells us approimately when you need propane, then we schedule the delivery. Although no system is 100 % perfect it's widely used in the industry and has been proven.  Everyone should always check your tank levels regardless.

We’re North Texas’ premier propane provider and a trusted partner to thousands of customers across North Texas – people just like you. Let us help you discover the service that’s right for you, sign up today  to become a new Servis Gas Customer, or contact our office for more information.

Payment Plans

ServisGas understands you are busy so, we offer several payment plans that make it easy to do business with us.

Level Payment Plan:

Life can be unpredictable, but your propane bill shouldn’t be!

We’re proud to offer our exclusive Level Payment Plan to all customers who want to pay a more manageable amount each month for their propane service, paying by month, rather than by delivery. We’ll review your account periodically and make slight adjustments to your payment based on changes in your usage.

With a Level Payment Plans, you will enjoy paying by month, not on delivery. Our Easy Pay program divides what we estimate you will need over the next year and spreads that into level payments over 12 months. You receive the convenience and assurance of a predictable monthly bill.

Level Payment is a benefit available to ALL Servis Gas customers and there is no fee to sign up. To learn more or get set-up with a Level Payment plan, give us a call today: 972-771-8654.


While most people don’t want to be thinking about freezing temps and snow storms while lounging by the pool, when it comes to managing your propane costs, summer is the best time to think about winter. With Servis Gas’ Pre-Buy program, you can purchase your annual supply of propane during the summer months, when pricing is traditionally much lower! After your purchase we will store your fuel for you, delivering it when winter rears its ugly head.

Sign Up For Cap Price Protection!

Comfort Plus always gives you the best possible price for your fuel. When propane costs rise, you stay protected with a cap on the rate you pay. When fuel costs are below your cap, you pay the lower price. It's always a win-win situation!

Your Safety is ALWAYS Our Priority

Throughout our 75 years of business, customer safety has ALWAYS been our top priority, providing complimentary leak tests on eligible first fills. 

Don't Delay Your Fill!

No one wants to be left out in the cold!  Contact us BEFORE your tank is empty. Colder weather results in a spike in delivery requests, so make sure to schedule your delivery well before your fuel runs out!